115 Herford Road, Edmonton, N9 7EN


How to Find Us:
St Edmund's Catholic Church is located on the A1010, at the Junction of Croyland Road and Hertford Road in Edmonton. It is 5 minutes off the North Circular Road (A406).

Nearest Train Station:
Edmonton Green Station (not on the Underground)

By Train:
Take the Victoria line (underground) to Seven Sisters, then change onto the Overground Trains on Platform 2 to Edmonton Green. At Edmonton Green turn left out of the station and walk up the Hertford Road. St. Edmund's is 5 minutes walk from the Station on the left opposite a JET petrol station.

By Car: Take the North Circular Road and Turn off onto the A1010 Northwards. Continue on the A1010 for 5 minutes and St. Edmund's is on the Left after Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, 5 Minutes from the North Circular.

Church Car Parking
Parking is a major problem in our car park on Sundays. Please do not double park, when all the bays are taken.

Double parking causes enormous problems for priests and parishioners who need to leave urgently. We do not want to have to make announcements during Mass, to ask you to move your vehicle, or resort to clamping.

Please be aware of the Plant Beds and Plant Pots, they are placed there to protect the fencing and the surrounding
foundation of the church.

Please be aware of the double yellow line restrictions near the Church as parking tickets are being issued every week and cars are being towed and clamped.

Also, please be considerated to our neighbours and do not park across thier garages. Inconsiderate parking stops our neighbours from using their vechicles that are in parked in their garages, entering and leaving their property and this can cause great inconvience. 

Information, if your vehicle has been towed:
The Parking Shop, Crown Road Vehichle Park, EN1 1TH.
Telephone: 020 8446 0602



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