Rotas and Timetables


Eucharistic Ministers

Coming up to serve at the altar should now be during the sign of peace/Lamb of God.

Coming up before or after may constitute a distraction.

  • Ministers to sign in at the sacristy before Mass so as to know who will serve at that Mass.
  • Even when a minister is not on the rota, please still check 5 minutes before the start of Mass.
  • It is only those who sign in for Sunday Mass who are allowed to come up to serve wearing their crucifix.
  • If you are to help in distribution of communion alongside the priest, and the priest is distributing communion to the altar servers, wait for the priest to give you the ciborium containing the sacred hosts. Don't step up to the altar to take it yourself.

If you are unable to minister on any date, please arrange for someone to replace you.

Please inform office of any changes to your telephone number .


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Nov 20717 to Jan 2018  
The Art of Proclaiming  


Message from Lauri Clarke

I am building up a contact list to send out the rotas by email, making it easier to contact you and save some money for the Parish.

Please send me your email address - all details will be confidential.

It will also be easier for you if I've made any errors - it does happen!

Some people gave their email addresses at the Parish retreat recently and the rota has already gone to them.

If you did give your address and haven't received it - then I must have your address wrong, so please contact me.

Best wishes

Lauri Clarke email: